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There are many rumors as to how the Bluenose Striders were formed. However, the official story has not surfaced in the last two years. We are desperately searching ye old archives to find the true story of inception. We know for sure that in the past there was a man who sometimes likes to don pig faces and blow a large horn. That is one fact that remains uncontested through the years. Rest assured that the actual story of the Bluenose Striders will eventually end up here for all to enjoy.

But until then, you will have to settle for knowing that we're from Lunenburg and Queens County of the South Shore of Nova Scotia. For those of you who do not know where Nova Scotia is, we're on the eastern coast of Canada.

The Bluenose and Bluenose II were schooners (large sailboats) that were built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The Bluenose Striders Running Club chose to incorporate the Bluenose into its name, as it represented one of the fastest ships ever to sail the eastern seaboard. That said, the Bluenose Striders have a number of "speed demons" in their roster.

The members of the Striders frequent the Cabot Trail Relay, usually donning the occasional yellow hat (sou'ester) and always called the "Over the Hill Gang" in late May. Then you will find more team entries in the annual Gonzo Runners Halifax to Lunenburg 145KM Relay race named for another old Nova Scotian activity -- the Rhum Run!

This social group collects no fees, but each year hosts road races in Lunenburg County for all Run Nova Scotia members, as well as the general public to attend. Over the years, the Striders have entered many different recreational and competitive running events throughought Nova Scotia, the Maritime Provinces, and even Internationally. Some of our long standing members are regulars at the Boston Marathon too.

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