Many thanks to Laura Roblee for submitting this to the Bridgewater Bulletin and Progress Enterprise. Many thanks to all the volunteers and participants.

44th Annual Bert Corkum Memorial Road Race continues Lunenburg tradition

Runner Ron Tibert from Garden Lots, front, takes off from the starting line with close to 50 other runners.
Bert Corkum Picture

The Bert Corkum 5-Mile Road Race has a long history in Lunenburg, dating back to the early 1960s. It is always a low-key, fun event and this year's 44th running of the race was no exception.

Race organizer Steve Saunders welcomed the 47 participants, mostly locals but a few came from as far away as New York, Washington and British Columbia.

Both the male and female winners were from out of province. Albert Han of Washington, DC, took the men's race in 28:43 and British Columbia resident Sarah Newton won the women's race handily with her 32:46 finish.

Awards were presented as follows:

Open males:
1st Albert Han 28:43
2nd Terry Melloy 30:08
3rd Rory Luxmore 30:25

Open females:
1st Sarah Newton 32:46
2nd Alice Patrick 37:16
3rd Alisa Johnson 38:57

Masters males:
1st Terry Melloy 30:08
2nd Rory Luxmore 30:25
3rd Robin Meister 31:33

Masters females:
1st Alice Patrick 37:16
2nd Connie Meister 41:29
3rd Emily Wechsler 42:01

Junior males:
1st Deven Knowles 33:57
2nd Joe Hopper 34:45

Complete results for all finishers:

1st Albert Han 28:43
2nd Terry Melloy 30:08
3rd Rory Luxmore 30:25
4th Robin Meister 31:33
5th Al Heubach 32:21
6th Sarah Newton 32:46
7th Lance Mitchell 32:48
8th Terry Morris 33:01
9th Tony Poole 33:15
10th Deven Knowles 33:39
11th Chris Anderson 33:57
12th Dion McKay 34:13
13th Jeff Oakes 34:20
14th John Anderson 34:23
15th Joe Hopper 34:35
16th Dave Patrick 34:51
17th Mark Earle 35:46
18th Bill Roblee 36:36
19th Roger Heisler 36:45
20th Rick Chataway 37:06
21st Alice Patrick 37:16
22nd Alisa Johnson 38:57
23rd Shaun Hatfield 39:34
24th Steven Hopper 39:39
25th Janelle Knickle 40:08
26th Wayne Dodge 40:56
27th Connie Meister 41:29
28th Emily Wechsler 42:01
29th Ron Tibert 42:23
30th David Robertson 42:41
31st Roger Boutilier 42:57
32nd Nelson Porteous 43:57
33rd Tammy Slaunwhite 44:05
34th Pam Reeves 45:01
35th Laura Roblee 46:40
36th Vicki Feener 47:19
37th Freda Cormin 47:08
38th Bev Richardson 48:43
39th Arnold Robertson 52:32
40th Joan Boutilier 59:36
41st Misty Nauss 71:24
42nd Karen Cowie 71:28
43rd Julie Nickerson 71:31
44th Ken Churchill 73:15
45th Debbie Wilson 76:24
46th Gerry Belanger 76:24
47th James Lindner 77:11