The 43rd Bert Corkum Memorial Road Race Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 43rd Bert Corkum Memorial Road Race was held on Saturday, August 18, 2007. The cool, rainy weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of what may have been a record attendance. A total of fifty-eight runners turned up for the 5-miler, one of Nova Scotia's oldest races. Results are as follows:

1st Brent Addison 25:54 1st open male
2nd Brad Veinotte 26:45 ,2nd open male,1st junior male
3rd Matthew White 27:54 3rd open male
4th Terry Melloy 28:07 1st masters male
5th Vance Keuszewski 29:58
6th Beth Krasemann 30:41 1st female
7th Paul Van Bommel 30:51 2nd masters male
8th Chris Ritcey-Conrad 31:20 2nd junior male
9th Robin Meister 31:40 1st senior masters male
10th Terry Morris 32:11 2nd senior masters male
11th Greg Young 32:18 3rd masters male
12th David Stobbe 32:48
13th Barry Fisher 32:56
14th O'Grady 33:04
15th Volkea Krasemann 33:22
16th Matt Keith 33:23
17th Kevin Chisolm 33:23
18th Katelynn Carver 33:57 2nd open female,1st junior
19th Jeff Oakes 34:00 3rd senior masters male
20th Bill Roblee 34:11
21st Pat Saulnier 34:22
22nd John Anderson 34:47
23rd Doug Coulter 34:58
24th Dave Patrick 34:58
25th Heather Mersey 35:07 3rd open female
26th Fenton Cunningham 35:15
27th Sharon Myra 35:18 1st masters female
28th Jonathan Chiasson 35:38
29th Roger Heisler 36:20
30th Chris Hollebone 36:24
31st Stephen Johnson 36:26
32nd Dion McKay 37:19
33rd David Robertson 37:32
34th Tom Ross 37:39
35th Jonathan Munro 37:57 3rd junior male
36th Jordon Hodder 38:04
37th Andrei 38:39
38th Rachel Bailey 38:47 2nd masters female 
39th Joel Bergman 38:50 4th junior male
40th Alisha Johnson 39:07
41st Jackie Lee Chisolm 39:20
42nd Paula Ross 40:18 1st senior masters female
43rd Wayne Dodge 40:21
44th Selena Davidson 40:30
45th Juliette Cook 40:31
46th Craig Fergusen 41:06
47th Dale Staples 41:18
48th Connie Meister 41:32 2nd senior masters female
49th Rachael Pineo 42:00 2nd junior female
50th Gerri Hunt 42:01 3rd masters female
51st Wade Veinot 45:56
52nd Paula Lewis 46:15 3rd senior masters female
53rd Bev Richardson 46:42
54th Vicki Feener 48:37
55th Arnold Robertson 49:49
56th Shelley Dauphinee 51:10
57th Renee Nichols 51:10
58th Lori Anne Morash 51:18

Steve Saunders was the race director.