Saturday, August 21, 2004

(Adapted from Laura Roblee's report to the local press.)

The 40th Annual Bert Corkum 5 Mile Road Race was a great success on Saturday, August 21, 2004. On hand as official starter was Gus Vickers who initiated the idea of a memorial race for his friend and associate, Mr. Corkum. Laura Roblee read a letter from Karen Seamone, a relative of Mr. Bert Corkum's, at the start line. She shared her fond memories of the man and her happiness that the tribute is still continuing.

Lunenburg's Bert Corkum was a runner in his younger years, having run the Boston Marathon a couple of times. Bert remained involved in athletics in the Lunenburg area. In his later years, he worked tirelessly for the Town of Lunenburg in charge of the Arena. When Bert Corkum died, Gus Vickers who headed the Town's Recreation Department, wanted the Town of Lunenburg to honor the Bert Corkum. So in 1964, the Bert Corkum Memorial 5 Mile Road Race was born. This year we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the race and pay tribute to the life of Bert Corkum.

There was a larger than usual registration for this year's race, with people coming not only from our area but from as far away as Maine and England. Several former race winners were in the line up; Dale Corkum, Bill Roblee, Kirk Sabean and Jackie Clothier. Fifty-two participants ran the scenic, loop course with Kirk Sabean leading the way in a time of 27:08. Second place finisher was Geoff Aucoin (28:25) and third was Terry Melloy (29:16). Geoff and Terry were also the 1st and 2nd Masters Males. Finish results and awards are as follows:

1st Kirk Sabean 27:08
2nd Geoff Aucoin 28:25 (1st Masters male)
3rd Terry Melloy 29:16 (2nd Masters male)
4th Terry Morris 30:19 (3rd Masters male)
5th Jackie Clothier 30:29
6th Victor Nickerson 30:34
7th Dale Corkum 30:53
8th Michael Armson 31:06 (1st Junior male)
9th David Stobbe 31:14
10th Mick Morris 31:17
11th Geoff O'Grady 31:40
12th Chris Anderson 32:12
13th Doug Coulter 32:21
14th Nathan Bald 33:11
15th Al Heubach 33:11
16th Reese O'Grady 33:36 (2nd Junior male)
17th Tony Armson 33:41
18th Kevin Chisholm 33:50
19th Bill Roblee 34:01
20th TJ Wordon Rogers 34:28
21st Roger Heisler 34:31
22nd Jeffrey Oakes 34:43
23rd John Huxtable 35:06
24th Fenton Cunningham 36:39
25th Nelson Porteus 37:57
26th Rachel Bailey 37:59 (1st Female and 1st Masters Female)
27th Martha Purcell 38 :09 (2nd Female and 1st Junior Female)
28th David Robertson 38:40
29th Jackie Lee Chisholm 38:51 (3rd Female)
30th Brian Burgess 38:57
31st Ryan Veinot 40:18 (3rd Junior Male)
32nd Jay Henderson 40:28
33rd Bernice Croft 40:38
34th Wade Veinot 41:32
35th Richard Redmond 41:33
36th Craig Munroe 41:48
37th Mary MacEachern 41:48 (2nd Masters Female)
38th Shirley Robichaud 43:41 (3rd Masters Female)
39th Diane Wilson 43:44
40th Laura Roblee 43:56
41st Andrea Smillie 46:07
42nd Arnold Robertson 46:14
43rd Colleen Clare 46:28
44th Bev Richardson 46:54
45th Ralph DeMone 47:41
46th Gail Moore 48:18
47th Karen Kinley 50:30
48th Jackie Kinley 50:32
49th Ken Churchill 51:49
50th Ron Allen 52:10
51st Judy Allen 52:10
52nd Heather Robinson 57:41

Race Director Steve Saunders would like to thank Mr Vickers, the Police Department the Lunenburg Detachment of the RCMP, the Lunenburg Fire Department, High Liner Foods, Run Nova Scotia, the Lunenburg Bicycle Barn and all the volunteers (Ralph Chancy, Terry Morris, Bill and Laura Roblee, Nancy Petrie, Mark Nelson, Ted Veniott, Beverley Richardson, Colleen Clare, Chris Anderson, Ann and Terry Miller, Ron and Judy Allen, Doug Coulter) who helped make the race such a success.

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