39th Bert Corkum 5-Mile Road Race

The 39th Bert Corkum Memorial 5 Mile Road Race was a great success with the largest attendance since 1981. Forty-three people from across the province and as far away as Vancouver, Comox, Toronto, Washington D.C. and New Brunswick were in the line up on Saturday, August 16, 2003 to run one of Nova Scotia's oldest road races. The fairly challenging course begins at the Community Centre grounds, runs along the Centre Road to Frank's Shell, taking all left turns as it winds down the First South Road, along Puffycup Cove and over the hills back to Lunenburg.

Supporting the runners were the R.C.M.P., the Lunenburg Fire Department, the water crew organized by Glenna Jenkins and spotters from the local triathlon group. Race director Steve Saunders and his wife Beverly awarded trophies,prizes and draws at the post race reception. Tim Cowan of Comox B.C. was given a special gift for being the participant from farthest away. Race results are as follows:

1st Mark Nelson 28:59 (1st overall, 1st masters male)

2nd Jeremy Wood 29:20 (2nd overall, 2nd masters male)

3rd Jackie Clothier 29:43 (3rd overall, 3rd masters male)

4th Terry Melloy 30:18

5th Mark Shupe 30:59

6th Terry Morris 31:06

7th Victor Wareham 32:11

8th Chris Anderson 32:36 (1st senior masters male)

9th Bill Roblee 32:47 (2nd senior masters male)

10th Matt Whitman 33:00

11th Alice Patrick 33:03 (1st female overall, 1st masters,1st senior masters female)

12th Doug Coulter 33:21

13th Dave Patrick 34:12 (3rd senior masters male)

14th Ian Mallov 34:45 (1st junior male)

15th Duncan MacDonald 34:49 (2nd junior male)

16th Kevin Chisolm 35:12

17th John Jenkins 35:40

18th John Huxtable 35:49

19th Roger Heisler 35:51

20th Tim Cowan 36:09

21st Sharon Myra 36:48 (2nd female overall, 2nd masters female)

22nd Sarah Patrick 36:52 (3rd female overall)

23rd Julie Sunderland 37:59

24th Jeffrey Oakes 38:16

25th Jackie-Lee Chisolm 38:34

26th David Robertson 39:04

27th Martha Purcell 39:43 (1st junior female)

28th Peggy Falkenham 40:02 (3rd masters female)

29th Bernice Croft 40:05

30th Laurie Stephenson 40:34

31st Gary Gillingham 41:32

32nd Ray Morin 41:37

33rd Rhonda Myers 41:37

34th Laura Roblee 41:50 (2nd senior masters female)

35th Diane Wilson 42:47

36th Shirley Robichaud 44:05 (3rd senior masters female)

37th Angie MaAuley 44:38

38th Lise Wearing 45:52

39th Arnold Robertson 45:55 (1st golden masters male)

40th Richard Redmond 46:24

41st Janet MacDuff 47:30

42nd Jamie Soo 47:38

43rd Paula Lewis 57:01

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