Striders Host Successful 38th Bert Corkum Race

Saturday, August 17, 2002

The 38th running of the Bert Corkum Memorial Road Race took place in Lunenburg on Saturday, August 17, 2002. The weather was,of course, hot and humid, but in spite of that,the race had its largest attendance in twenty-one years. A total of forty-two people,lined up in front of the entrance to the Community Centre grounds,being officially sent on their way by new race director Steve Saunders. he five mile course is challenging with its two large hills on either side of Mason's Beach. This year's race was won by Kirk Sabean in a time of 26:29.Kirk also won the Lunenburg Heritage Race in June. Top female was Karen Kaizer. Her time was 33:12.

Following is a list of all runners,their times and places:

1st Kirk Sabean 26:29 1st open male,1st overall
2nd Patrick Menzies 28:19 2nd open male
3rd Kevin Springer 28:45 3rd open male
4th Matthew White 29:07
5th Terry Morris 29:38 1st masters male
6th Dave Nevitt 29:56 2nd masters male
7th Al Heubach 31:23 3rd masters male
8th Gary Cunningham 32:20
9th Bill Roblee 33:08
10th Karen Kaizer 33:12 1st female open,1st woman overall
11th Steven Hopper 33:31
12th Michael Morris 33:43
13th Victor Kaizer 33:59
14th Doug Coulter 34:03 PB
15th Curt Bayer 34:13
16th Chris Anderson 34:55
17th Edgil Tanner 35:42
18th Chris Hollebone 35:59
19th Bruce Falkenham 36:22
20th John Jenkins 36:46
21st Roger Heisler 36:52
22nd Rick Chattaway 38:02
23rd Nelson Porteus 38:25
24th David Robertson 38:33
25th Richard Graves 38:39
26th Dale Staples 39:29
27th Louis Hachey 39:30
28th Mary MacEachern 39:59 2nd female open
29th Roger Boutilier 40:14
30th David Sarty 40:36
31st Laura Roblee 41:19 3rd female open,1st masters female
32nd Wanda Firth 41:26
33rd Graham Johnston 41:53
34th Diane Wilson 42:05 2nd masters female
35th Shirley Robichaud 43:55 3rd masters female
36th Arnold Robertson 43:59
37th Marilyn Webb 44:00
38th Joey Hopper 49:02 1st Junior male
39th Beverley Cunningham 51:02
40th Joan Boutilier 52:41
41st Amy Bennet 54:58
42nd Vicky Bennet 54:58

- Laura Roblee

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